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Act of Power Ceremony

This Ceremony celebrates the Mage/Maga stage of our life journey, Woman aged 35+ who are ready to fortify their essence by distilling their personal power through healing & transformation.

A perfect way to honour your 40th, 50th, 60th Birthday milestone.

This is a time of reviewing our past so we can put learned lessons into effect to enjoy a bountiful harvest.  As we reflect upon our life lessons we become more full bodied. 

In this life phase we've learnt to identify what gives us true pleasure so we do more of that & less of what doesn't. 

In this ceremony we identify, reclaim and embody our cyclical wisdom and power by creating our own medicine wheel.

We embrace our inner Warrior Woman, Artemis, through the creation of our medicine staff.

Together we’ll sit in Circle to remember Herstory, where we have come from.  

The world is in sore need of our wisdom as embodied, joyful women right now.

This Ancient Sacred Ceremony is for women only, aged 35 & over, regardless of whether you have reached Moonpause or are beginning Motherhood.

The space is lovingly held by Woman who have reclaimed this important Rite of Passage.

Please make contact for details of our next Act of Power group ceremony


to discuss your options for your own private ceremony for you or a friend.

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