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Beginning December 26th 2019

This is a potent window to prepare for the New Year.

~ This is the time of a potent Annular Eclipse ~

~ The final New Moon of this decade! ~

Set yourself up to enter 2020 with purpose

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Understand step by step how each stage of the Moons cycle influences us Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

I'll give you tools you can use forever to assist you in your journey of personal growth & self discovery

Just as the moon influences the rise & fall of the ocean tides, we too experience ebb & flow with each moon phase physically, mentally & emotionally.
I'll give you tools to assist you at each moon phase.

Are you ready?

On this 4 week online journey we explore the cycle of the moon to gain a deeper understanding of how each moon phase influences our
energy levels 
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To receive our FREE Intro
Webinar recording ...
Before discovering this ancient cyclic wisdom, I constantly felt like I was out of sync, pushing against unseen obstacles. Often, I faced feeling like it was all too hard. 
Allow me to share my insights & give you the tools I've learned to assist you to harness the powerful cycling influence of the moon & return to your natural flow. 
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What you receive


Weekly slideshow videos talking you through the Moon phase of that week


Worksheets with suggested activities to deepen your learning experience


Access to our online community of like minded souls


Continued access to course materials

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This eCourse is for you if you are:
* ready to for self empowerment
* longing to live in alignment
* wanting to live a more joyful life
* ready to find your truth and start living it
wanting a course that is straightforward and to the point
This eCourse is NOT for you if you are:
* comfortable being comfortable
not in a place to be real with yourself
already an expert on the moon
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Why I can help

The information I'm sharing in this eCourse is my first hand experience in my working with the moon cycle using the Wisdom shared with me from my beloved mentors.

I've condensed my learning & share in information in a way that is brief & straight to the point.

Through the rewarding work with hosting Moon Circles, as well as guiding clients one to one, I have been honoured to witness so many empowered transformations for those who have embarked on this journey.

How do I know this eCourse is the right one for me?
If you have an interest in how to harness the energy to work with the moon cycle, then chances are this eCourse is for you :-)
Is this eCourse suitable for teenagers?
ABSOLUTELY YES!! I wish this invaluable information were taught at school! I know I would have appreciated knowing about these cycles a lot earlier in life.
Is this eCourse for Woman only?
No. This information is valuable for all humans. We are all cyclic beings.
What if I fall behind?
You have ongoing access to the course materials & videos so you can revisit as many times as you like!
Plus the worksheets are downloadable :-) 
How can I contact you during the course?
You can send course questions to and I'll respond within two days. Please do not send me course related questions via social media as I may miss them!
Can I sign up now & start in the new year?
Absolutely yes you can! You can begin on any New Moon throughout the year.
Do I have to be on Facebook?
No. The course materials are accessed through my website.
Can I get a refund?
Due to the digital nature of the eCourse refunds cannot be given after course materials release date.
Please revisit the reason you signed up & continue your journey of empowerment xox 
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