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Full Moon Circle 2024 Calendar

All Sessions 7pm

(unless otherwise advertised)


January Friday 26th


February Saturday 24th   


March Monday 25th


April Wednesday 24th


May Thursday 23rd    


June Saturday 22nd


July Saturday 20th


August Tuesday 20th


September Wednesday 18th


October Thursday 17th


November Saturday 16th 


December Saturday 14th

May you always feel safe to share all of who you are.

Exchange is by donation, suggested $10 - $20 

Click below to register your interest & to find out more.

It is time for global change if we are to create sustainable communities that don’t pose a survival threat to the human race.

The reclamation of traditional feminine wisdom and customs is an intrinsic part of this paradigm shift.
Mother Earth is a reflection of how we have collectively denied and disowned the natural cycles and strengths of the feminine.

Men & Women weaving together their strengths by gathering and attuning themselves to the natural cycles is essential to re-balancing our way of life on this planet and is both simple and personally rewarding.

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