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Mother Blessing

Also know as a Mother Shower or Blessingway, this beautiful Ceremony is a day of pampering, honouring & preparing our Mother to be for her passage into Motherhood.

  A very important piece missing in today's society is the acknowledgement of this Rite of Passage as we farewell the Maiden & prepare to welcome the next life stage of Mother. 

This ceremony can be as elaborate or as basic as desired.

A Welcome to Clan Ceremony can also be arranged for both Mother & Father to be & their inner circle.

For a Belly Blessing we create a beautiful Sacred space for the Mother to be surrounding her with her nearest & dearest, making the day all about her.

We hold a sharing circle, where we gift our Mother to be with pampering foot rubs, facials, neck rubs, trinkets or talismans for her labour & share Wisdom too assist her in her transition from Maiden into Mother.

Option of a Belly Cast also available.

Please make contact to discuss the type of Mother Blessing you would like to hold for your beautiful Mother or Parents to be.


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