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Awakening Moontime Wisdom Ceremony

Once upon a time, women were assisted through their transitions into each life stage with mentoring & ceremonies which helped them embrace each life milestone phase. Recognising that once we receive guidance & initiation into our own rites of passage, we cope much better through periods of change & the inevitable aging process which occurs through each stage of our feminine journey.

​Menarche is a custom most of us did not receive which celebrates a young maiden's passage into womanhood, heralding her ability to bring forth life, access heightened states of awareness & make a difference in the world using her growing sense of autonomy.

In this beautiful celebration we honour this passage through:

~ sharing our experience of our own initiation, or lack there of, into Woomanhood,

~ banishing taboo by normalising and understanding the sacredness of our cyclic nature 

~ sharing & showing the many body (and environment) friendly menstrual care products available

~ sharing tools & the importance of self care & honouring our emotions

~ creating a support web 

It was traditionally considered the birth right of every woman to be honoured for her first moon flow & her blossoming womanhood, a tradition which we uphold by creating personalised ceremonies that reflect the unique beauty & gifts emanating from each face of the Goddess on this sacred female journey.

When we anchor a genuine understanding & pride in our feminine essence through powerful initiation into sacred sisterhood, we gift ourselves with an empowerment that continues to grow for the rest of our lives.  This provides an opportunity to formally welcome a circle of feminine support who we can call upon during each stage of our life journey.

Without this experience of true sisterhood, a woman can feel herself to be inadequate compared to the images depicted in glossy mags, tv ads & video clips. This can lead to compulsive disorders in an effort to appear lovable, popular & successful.  With strong & accessible role models meeting within a safe, honest & emotionally intimate space, these neuroses can be greatly diminished.

Gathering as women in circle in this Ceremonial space is a reclamation

~ a Re-Membering ~ of our cyclical wisdom and power.

Together we’ll remember Herstory, where we have come from and how we find ourselves here in a culture that devalues nature.

Together we’ll recall our menarche, our first blood, and heal all that this rite-of-passage taught us about what it means to be a woman.

All we need to do is bring awareness.

The world is in sore need of our wisdom as embodied, joyful women right now.

This Moontime Awakening Wisdom Ceremony is for women only, of any age, regardless of whether you have reached Moonpause or are beginning Motherhood.

The space is lovingly held by Woman who have reclaimed this important

Feminine Rite of Passage.


Please make contact to find out when our next group ceremony is being held


discuss options for your own private ceremony with your circle of friends.

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