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About Us

Temple of Harmony was founded in order to support & foster the sense of mindfulness, peace and self empowerment through gathering with like minded community. We offer a variety of approaches to tap into your own inner knowing. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, confusion, pain or simply want to learn & improve your physical & mental well-being, Temple of Harmony provides a healing & nurturing environment to do so.
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Offerings Overview

Ceremony, Rites of Passage & Rituals.
Sound Healing Therapy.
Wisdom School.

Once upon a time, Women & Men were assisted through their transitions into each life stage with mentoring & ceremonies which helped them embrace each life milestone phase.
As cyclic Beings, we once recognised, celebrated & connected to the cycles of the 

Sun, Moon & Seasons, embracing the initiations or lessons of each cycle in order to learn & grow, to truly know thyself.
Once we receive guidance & initiation into our own rites of passage to recognise these cycles, we cope much better through periods of change & the inevitable aging process which occurs through each stage of our Human journey.

It is now widely accepted that most illness is stress related. Therefore treatment methodologies that promote relaxation and help reduce stress can be a very effective way to prevent and treat illness.

Some of the benefits of Sound can include; Deep Relaxation, Clarity of Mind, Balance & Harmony of Body, Mind & Spirit.

Sound Therapy enables an individual to relax deeply, achieving an altered state of consciousness similar to deep meditation.  It is in this state where potassium & sodium levels balance, blood pressure reduces, the heart rate calms & cellular renewal can begin.

On an emotional level & on a psychological level, we can also have a deeper insight into what’s going on for us & our current health & well-being.

We offer a variety of Workshops & eCourses for you to explore & journey to a deeper understanding of Self.
~ Make your own Medicine Drum 

~ Discover The Cycles of Lunar & You
~ Journey the wisdom of the 13 Moons
~ Journey the Path of the Priestess
~ Drumming & Rhythm Groups
~ Creative Soundscapes & Sonic Art expression 
~ Work with unhelpful narratives
~ Learn Sound Healing techniques

We also host a wide variety of facilitators so make sure you're subscribed to receive our monthly newsletter for upcoming events.

Temple of Harmony

Narrawong, Victoria. 3285

Tel: 0409350573


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