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Temple of Harmony was founded in order to support & foster the sense of mindfulness, peace and self empowerment through gathering with like minded community. We offer a variety of approaches to tap into your own inner knowing. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, confusion, pain or simply want to learn & improve your physical & mental well-being, Temple of Harmony provides a healing & nurturing environment to do so.


Humanity as a whole has become so disconnected.  Working ourselves into the ground in order to 'achieve' that which society tells us we should have, be & do.


We've lost the connection to self. 

The inner wisdom that whispers our hearts true desire, our souls calling.

It is often only when our bodies scream through illness or injury, or we experience the wrath of mother natures fury, that many begin to strip back the layers, de-armour conditioning & question is this all really necessary?

It is my passion, my souls calling to re-introduce, to guide you to remember your connection to self.  Your inner knowing. Your connection to Mother Nature, the Seasons, Lunar & Solar Cycles, the cyclic nature of you.

I invite you to join our growing community, both online & in person, who are walking the spiral back to connection of Self.
The journey is not always smooth, but I promise you it is worth it.

Each of us have our own unique gift to offer the World.

We are all here in our authenticity, being our true vulnerable selves as we remember why it is we are here. 

Relle is a Sound Healing Therapist incorporating Reiki, Esoteric & Shamanic Healing practices.

Sharing, Ceremony & Support for Men & Woman through deepening awareness of our connectedness to Solar, Lunar & Seasonal cycles. Services grow & evolve as she continues to reclaim her Holy Woman Self through initiated life Wisdom & Sacred teachings, shared knowledge passed through Priestess lineage.

On her path of embodying Woman's Mysteries she received her Sacred Priestess Anointing on the MagdalAna Heart of Priestess Mysticism path, under the sharings & guidance of Elder UrMariAna, She of the Holy Temples.


Her journey has continued through Shamanic Priestess practice, Ancient Wisdoms shared & guided through Elder Clare Blue Star.

Remembering and holding the Sacred space of Red Tent, Feminine Rites of Passage, Tantra and the Divine Masculine has been gifted through the wisdom sharings of Tanishka Tantrika, The Moon Woman.

This work is brought to you as part of combined lineage of many brave women and men from all parts of our beautiful World.

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